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BEKO - Online Safety

Best bits of the Internet - how to access the FUN parts of the web! You can communicate and get information from all over the world, faster than the speed of light!

Education!! To put together the best homework exercises BEKO will show you how to search the web to get the right information so that you can be top of the class.

Knowledge and understanding of the risks!! There are some risks when you are using the internet and mobile phones. This site will give you a better understanding of these risks and what to do if something unpleasant happens.

Options!! We want to help you to increase your safety and to be aware of your options so that you can have fun on-line. Follow the advice from each of the Cybernauts and you will have a cool time on-line.
Chat Danger

A site all about the potential dangers on interactive services online like chat, IM, online games, email and on mobiles/cell phones. Read TRUE STORIES and find out how to chat SAFELY...

Chat - find out what can happen to you in chatrooms and how to make sure it doesn't happen to you...

Email - see our tips about keeping safe and what to do about bullying and spam...

Messenger - who are your buddy's buddies? How to protect yourself and your friends on IM...

Games - see a true story about a boy's close encounter and learn how to stay safe using online games...

Mobiles/Cellphones - picture phones, meeting people, bullying, how to look after your M8s and the Friend or Foe quiz...

People, even in real life, are never quite what they seem at first glance.  Online, where you can't even see them, they can turn out to be VERY different indeed to your expectations!

Every year, thousands of children and teenagers learn the hard way the things you can find out now, before it's too late.

Please read the advice to be found on the web sites below.  And remember - you may think you're too smart to fall for anything.  But the true test of "smart" is to learn from other people's mistakes, and not have to make your own!
If you think Online Safety is a joke......

Keep your Information Secure Online

The Internet is great for communicating, research, and playing games, but it seems to have acquired a bit of a bad track record for safety and security. Daily reports of viruses doing the rounds and seemingly endless amounts of spam in your mailbox are regular occurrences.

However Sorted can help - this is a new website produced by Childnet International, designed by young people for young people. It aims to give you advice and information on computer security issues in a practical and simple way to help you sort out the hassles. Hopefully it can make your online experience just that little bit easier and more enjoyable.

This web site has sections on:-

        ~~  Spyware and Adware
        ~~  Trojans and Viruses
        ~~  Spam and Phishing
        ~~  Identity Theft
        ~~  Pop Ups and Cookies
        ~~  File Sharing

as well as a showcase of award winning web sites.
How to Keep Safe in Jade Chat

(Taken from Chat Danger and edited for Jade.)

Be careful who you trust online and remember that online friends are really strangers. People online, no matter how long you have been talking to them or how friendly they are, may not be who they say they are.
Stay in charge in chat.  Keep your personal information secret when chatting online (name, address, telephone number, mobile number, private email address, picture), even if people ask for this.  Although it can be tempting to reveal more than you normally would in online friendships, giving out personal information can make you vulnerable.
Check your posts/messages as you type them and make sure they don't include any personal information (name, address, telephone number, mobile number, private email address, picture).

Check you know how to report something you feel uncomfortable about to the Chat room Moderators or to Jade Admin.

Get away from an unpleasant situation in a chatroom by logging out (this just takes one click).  Remember - it's YOUR Chat room, so make a complaint here.

Use a nickname, not your real name, and a nickname that is not going to attract the wrong type of attention.

Look out for your friends and other people in Chat, and do something if you think that they are at risk.

Tell your parent or carer if someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable or worried.

Learn how to keep/save a copy of the conversation in chat - this may be useful if you want to report something.  Click here to see.
Learn how to block/ignore people.  Click here to see.
Online Safety
Helping Children and Teenagers to Cope with Life.

Safe Chatroom  -  Forum  -  Advice  -  Support.

JADE is a support site for children and younger teenagers, under the age of eighteen only, who suffer from Anxiety, Depression or other mental problems.

Some of the problems kids and teenagers come to us for help and support with:-

Anxiety, Stress and Panic Attacks - Depression - Social Anxiety - Agoraphobia - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) - Self Harm (Self Injury) - Eating Disorders - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

We also offer advice on:-
alcohol and drugs, anger management, assertiveness, bereavement and grief, breathing techniques and hyperventilation, bullying and teasing, counselling, exercise, fear of failure, low self-esteem, medication, problems at home or with parents, problems with school, relaxation and meditation, sexual and physical abuse, sexual identity, shyness, stress, suicidal feelings, talking, therapy, trusting people.
Link To Us

If you or your organization have a web site or a blog, you can help us a lot by placing a link to our site on one of your web pages. Showing a link to our site will help us reach more children and teenagers who suffer from Anxiety, Depression and other mental illnesses, and increase our visibility and ranking in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Please click here for details.
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