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Meditation - Audiovisual
These will be added one by one as we come up with ideas and suggestions......
How To Recover From Anxiety

by Dr Claire Weekes

Download the MP3 files:-
Dr Claire Weekes 1903-1990

Dr Claire Weekes is renowned internationally for her special understanding and treatment of nervous illness.

She worked in Europe and America curing patients and training professionals in her down to earth and practical method for changing your life.

Her method was so highly regarded that she was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

Dr Weekes pioneered a world renowned method of giving you back control over your state of mind.

The strength of her step by step method comes from clinical analysis and her belief that the mind and body react together.

She believed that nervous illness can begin very simply, developing from stress and nervous fatigue, to produce a pattern of symptoms which can become more frightening than the original cause.

In these resources, Dr Weekes teaches you, through simple steps, to reverse your pattern of symptoms and to find your own inner strength, bringing about a permanent cure.

When you listen to these recordings you have Dr Claire Weekes walking along beside you and supporting you all the way.

Dr Weekes's website:-
If you have any suggestions for relaxation music or sounds
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British group Shindhu is able to create music which is very soft, sweet and soulful. It is ideal for relaxation and meditation.

Listen to more of their music here.
Ocean Waves
Various Sounds
Sri Chinmoy
Meditation Music - 1
Meditation Music is soothing music to use as an aid to relaxation and meditation.
Tracks: 12  Time: 1 hour 53 minutes.
Tracks: 7  Time: 36 minutes.
Tracks: 12  Time: 1 hour 12 minutes.
Chinmoy Kumar Ghose was an Indian spiritual teacher and philosopher. Author, composer, artist and athlete, he was perhaps best known for holding public events on the theme of inner peace and world harmony (such as concerts, meditations, and races).  His teachings emphasise love for God, daily meditation on the heart, service to the world, and religious tolerance (a view that "all faiths" are essentially divine).
"True religion has a universal quality. It does not find fault with other religions. Forgiveness, compassion, tolerance, brotherhood and the feeling of oneness are the signs of a true religion."

Listen to more of his music here.
Tracks: 1  Time: 28 minutes.
Tracks: 6  Time: 36 minutes.
Meditation Music - 2
Tracks: 10  Time: 1 hour 55 minutes.
Meditation Music - 3
Tracks: 23  Time: 4 hours 42 minutes.
Meditation Music is soothing music to use as an aid to relaxation and meditation.
Meditation Music is soothing music to use as an aid to relaxation and meditation.


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Helping Children and Teenagers to Cope with Life.

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JADE is a support site for children and younger teenagers, under the age of eighteen only, who suffer from Anxiety, Depression or other mental problems.

Some of the problems kids and teenagers come to us for help and support with:-

Anxiety, Stress and Panic Attacks - Depression - Social Anxiety - Agoraphobia - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) - Self Harm (Self Injury) - Eating Disorders - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

We also offer advice on:-
alcohol and drugs, anger management, assertiveness, bereavement and grief, breathing techniques and hyperventilation, bullying and teasing, counselling, exercise, fear of failure, low self-esteem, medication, problems at home or with parents, problems with school, relaxation and meditation, sexual and physical abuse, sexual identity, shyness, stress, suicidal feelings, talking, therapy, trusting people.
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