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This page is intended to help you decide when, how and to whom you should make a complaint about anything you have come across, either here on the web site, in our Chat Room, or anywhere else online for that matter.

There are three sections:-

1)        The Virtual Global Taskforce

                        Look here for how to report a case of known or suspected child abuse online, sexual
                        abuse, grooming, paedophiles.

2)        Jade

                        This will tell you when and how to make a complaint to us at Jade.

3)        Other Sites/Organisations

                        Use this to report other types of incident of bullying and harrassment.

If you know a child who is in danger or at risk, call your local police force or law enforcement agency.
                1)        The Virtual Global Taskforce

What you can report here

This is a place where you can report any inappropriate or illegal activity with or towards you or another child online. This might be a conversation with someone online who you think may be an adult, and is treating you in a way which makes you feel uncomfortable, or you think may be trying to meet a child for sex.

Where your report goes

The Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT) was created in 2003 as a direct response to lessons learned from investigations into on-line child abuse around the world. It is an international alliance of law enforcement agencies working together to make the Internet a safer place and is staffed by specialist police officers and investigators. Your report will go to straight to them.

What happens next

Your report will go to experts who are specialists in the internet. They understand how easy it is to be tricked online and your report will be believed. A police officer/specialist investigator will then be in touch with you.

The Virtual Global Taskforce has dealt with over 2,000 cases in the last year alone.

Click Here to visit the Virtual Global Taskforce Website
                2)        Jade

What you can report here

This is a place where you can report:-

        -- any inappropriate, offensive or inaccurate content on the web pages contained within the Jade web site.

        -- any inappropriate, offensive or inaccurate content on the web pages contained in an external web site to which
        you have been taken by clicking on a link within Jade's site.

        -- any inappropriate, offensive or hurtful treatment you feel you have received by the Moderators or other Users
        in the Chat room.  Please include a note of the date and time any incident occurred.

What you CANNOT report here

        -- any illegal or inappropriate activity in the Chat room which ought to be reported to the Virtual Global Taskforce.
        (See above, section one.)  If you feel such activity should also be reported to the Admin Committee of Jade, then
        the VGT should make contact with us themselves, in order not to risk any interference with their investigations.

        -- any disciplinary action taken against you by the Moderators in Chat below the level of a permanent ban.  In the
        case of a permanent ban, an appeal may be lodged and the matter investigated.  For all lesser disciplinary action
        taken against you, the Moderator's decision is final.  That's why you should never argue with them!

Where your report goes

The Jade Admin Committee consists of Jenni and Gord, who together founded Jade.  If you wish to complain about either of these Admin staff, the matter will be passed to the other one alone for consideration.

What happens next

Your complaint will be investigated.

Within 24 hours you will receive an acknowledgement of your complaint.  This may also include a request for further details, or it may in fact contain the outcome/decision.

Wherever possible, you will receive within 72 hours either a decision on your complaint or a report on the progress of any investigation.

The decision of the Admin Committee is final.

Click Here to Make a Complaint to Jade
                3)        Other Sites/Organisations

What you can report here

Here you will find links to other web sites or "offline" organisations that will help you deal with or report different problems:-

Your site for cross-border complaints.  Provides information on consumer protection laws in thirteen countries and offers consumers a way to file complaints online.


Complain About Frauds & Scams on the Internet.  A list of sites where you can report fraud and spam.

How to Complain

An independent British website aimed at making complaints work for everyone.

Unable to find the sort of help you need?

Jade welcomes suggestions for details and links to organisations that specialise in helping children and teenagers with other related problems.  Please use the Comments/Feedback form below to let us know about any sites you think we could include in this section.
How and When to Make a Complaint
Helping Children and Teenagers to Cope with Life.

Safe Chatroom  -  Forum  -  Advice  -  Support.

JADE is a support site for children and younger teenagers, under the age of eighteen only, who suffer from Anxiety, Depression or other mental problems.

Some of the problems kids and teenagers come to us for help and support with:-

Anxiety, Stress and Panic Attacks - Depression - Social Anxiety - Agoraphobia - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) - Self Harm (Self Injury) - Eating Disorders - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

We also offer advice on:-
alcohol and drugs, anger management, assertiveness, bereavement and grief, breathing techniques and hyperventilation, bullying and teasing, counselling, exercise, fear of failure, low self-esteem, medication, problems at home or with parents, problems with school, relaxation and meditation, sexual and physical abuse, sexual identity, shyness, stress, suicidal feelings, talking, therapy, trusting people.
Link To Us

If you or your organization have a web site or a blog, you can help us a lot by placing a link to our site on one of your web pages. Showing a link to our site will help us reach more children and teenagers who suffer from Anxiety, Depression and other mental illnesses, and increase our visibility and ranking in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Please click here for details.
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