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Helping Children and Teenagers to Cope with Life
***   SAFETY RULES   ***
        1)        All Users in this chat room must be aged under 18.
(Moderators are usually older adults)
        2)        You must NOT give out any details about your Personal Identity or                     location.  Do not ask for anyone else's details either.

Stay Anonymous, Stay Safe.

                        You must not tell anyone in Chat:-

        --        Where you live (except your country).
        --        Your real name.
        --        Where you go to school.
        --        Where you are off to on holiday.
        --        Any other personal details that would help someone identify, locate or
                   contact you in the "real world".

        3)        Do not tell anyone in Chat:-

        --        Your phone number.
        --        Your Email address including MySpace, Hotmail, Yahoo or MSN-type

                Do NOT post
any details to the Chat screen about other web sites,                 chat sites or instant messenger services (no links, addresses, partial                 addresses, names of sites, or other references).
Rules 1, 2 and 3 are there for Safety and Legal reasons.
To protect our members, they are
ruthlessly enforced!

Anyone breaking any of these three rules will be permanently banned from Jade and reported to the Police.
***   OTHER RULES   ***

        4)        No Racist, Sexist or anti-Gay language will be tolerated.
No excessive swearing, no matter if words are being filtered out.

No arguments about Religion or Politics will be tolerated.

No bullying, harassment, or abuse will be tolerated for any reason at all.

        If you feel that you are being made the victim of any such abuse, either ask to
        speak privately to the Moderators on duty in the Chat Room, or make a
        complaint to me, Gord, at the Contact Us page, to be found via the Home Page.

        You have the right to refuse to put up with it!  Do NOT suffer in silence!

        7)        No hateful talking about any Country, Nationality or Culture will be

No discussion of Sex unless the Moderators agree.

Remember, there may be others in the Chat Room who will be offended or upset.

        9)        No other topic(s) regarded as unsuitable by the Moderators will be

If in doubt, ASK FIRST!

                You may be asked to change the subject if the topic is controversial and is
                creating argument or upset in the Chat Room.

                Forbidden Topics:  You may not discuss details, methods, plans or
                intentions of Suicide or any form of Self-Harm/Self-Injury including
                Alcohol & Drug Abuse. 
For further information on this, please see

        10)        Anyone idle (not talking or responding) in Chat for 30 minutes or more
                      will be, erm, gently removed.  (But allowed back in when they wake up
                      again! LOL)

        The Moderators and Members of Jade thank you for observing these rules.

There now follows a brief and very
unfriendly message for anyone who is
NOT under 18 years of age and who thinks they can just ignore our rules
about that!

If you are NOT under 18, please do NOT try to enter the chat server because
if you are detected, or even suspected, you will be reported to the Police and
to the Virtual Global Taskforce for attempted sexual abuse of a minor.

No "ifs", "buts" or "maybes" about it.

The children and youngsters who come into my Chat Server
are under my protection.

You have been warned . . .

If you are an adult and feel you have a legitimate reason for inspecting this
site, whether a concerned parent or a member of the Authorities,
please contact Gord FIRST!

Thank you.

Enquiries to:-

or via the web page at:-

Helping Children and Teenagers to Cope with Life.

Safe Chatroom  -  Forum  -  Advice  -  Support.

JADE is a support site for children and younger teenagers, under the age of eighteen only, who suffer from Anxiety, Depression or other mental problems.

Some of the problems kids and teenagers come to us for help and support with:-

Anxiety, Stress and Panic Attacks - Depression - Social Anxiety - Agoraphobia - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) - Self Harm (Self Injury) - Eating Disorders - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

We also offer advice on:-
alcohol and drugs, anger management, assertiveness, bereavement and grief, breathing techniques and hyperventilation, bullying and teasing, counselling, exercise, fear of failure, low self-esteem, medication, problems at home or with parents, problems with school, relaxation and meditation, sexual and physical abuse, sexual identity, shyness, stress, suicidal feelings, talking, therapy, trusting people.
Link To Us

If you or your organization have a web site or a blog, you can help us a lot by placing a link to our site on one of your web pages. Showing a link to our site will help us reach more children and teenagers who suffer from Anxiety, Depression and other mental illnesses, and increase our visibility and ranking in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Please click here for details.
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